Into the Fire Chapter Eighteen

[Perspective: Wolf] The Wolf was lurking just outside the atmosphere of a small, previously unknown world chunk. In the years before the Maelstrom came about, there was only one world, called Crux. It was home to the Imagination Nexus, a fabled source of pure imagination, which could create anything a minifigure imagined. Unfortunately, Baron Typhonus... Continue Reading →


Into the Fire Chapter Seventeen

Perspective: Omen “Funny-looking, aren’t they?” Mack -- who had taken the seat across from me -- observed. We’d finally encountered another one of the Maelstrom gunships. Several, in fact. Fortunately, we’d been cloaked so they hadn’t seen us. Still, seeing them all around us gave me an eerie, nervous feeling, even though I knew they... Continue Reading →

Into the Fire Chapter Sixteen

[Perspective: Wolf] “I’ll go.” volunteered Steven. “It can’t be worse than being cooped up in here another minute.” The rest of the crew stared at him blankly. “Steven, I don’t know if this is the best idea..” Treasure-Seeker warned him. The Wolf had been searching for a few days now, and had just come upon... Continue Reading →

Into the Fire Chapter Fifteen

“So how do we know when we’re .. there?” Gai asked, reading the label on a bottle of unidentified spices. It was Scarlet’s shift flying the Omen, and I was sitting at the dinner table watching with mild interest as Gai tried to pull together a gourmet meal from soulless Nexus Force rations. “Well, the... Continue Reading →

Into the Fire Chapter Fourteen

“Do you never get spacesick?” Treasure-Seeker asked incredulously, holding onto a grip handle as the Wolf banked into yet another turn. The Wolf was now quite deep in Maelstrom territory, and Takeshi was having to dodge a maelstrom asteroid about every five minutes. Mackanic didn’t answer, instead watching silently as the asteroid Takeshi had just... Continue Reading →

Into the Fire Chapter Thirteen

I watched trepidatiously out the expansive window as the frigates circled hungrily, looking for us. So far, our cloak seemed to be working. “Are you still tracking the Wolf, Scarlet?” I asked, not taking my eyes off the Maelstrom ships. She shook her head. “The cloak seems to interfere with our sensors. The only thing... Continue Reading →

Into the Fire Chapter Twelve

Takeshi dodged around the attacking ship, peppering it with destructive Maelstrom energy on the way past. “Steve, did we do any damage?” he called to the Wolf’s gunner over the intercom “Pretty minimal” came the reply. “Kazu, the Omen is rejoining the fight.” Treasure-Seeker -- who was doing double duty as navigator and copilot --... Continue Reading →

Return To Nothing/The Marked timeline

Return to Nothing canon, explanations and small extras. This is a mere companion piece to my series on the gallery. And serves to refresh and explain some things that I've neglected at this point. There are a few recent retcons in this as well. (Like Hayabusa/Seth disappearing in 1982 as opposed to 1977) But... Continue Reading →

Into the Fire Chapter Eleven

The dull hum of the engines filled my head as I drifted in and out of sleep, staring up at the bunk overhead. The Paradox scientists had assured us that the bugs were worked out now, but our test flight hadn’t exactly filled me with confidence. It was Scarlet’s turn to watch the controls, so... Continue Reading →

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