Into the Fire Chapter Nine

Soon, we were streaking through the atmosphere of Avant Gardens. The ship was fast and maneuverable, but I could feel that the hula hoops threw it off balance a bit. I felt the controls lighten suddenly, the drag of air resistance fading as we left the atmosphere of Avant Gardens. “Okay, we’ve broken atmosphere” Scarlet... Continue Reading →

Into the Fire Chapter 8

“So is that a force field generator amplifier?” Mackanic asked the Paradox scientist poking around the ship with a pre-launch checklist. “Based on it” he answered shortly. “What does it do?” Mason asked, peering up suspiciously at the strange-looking hoops. “I don’t have clearance to tell you.” the scientist replied unhelpfully. I exchanged glances with... Continue Reading →

Into the Fire Chapter Seven

“This looks right..” Gai peered up from his tattered tourist map at an imposing metal door set into one of the rolling hills. It’d been about a week of fighting Maelstrom and biding our time since I’d arrived here, but the Nexus Force had finally sent us the message that the Paradox research facility here... Continue Reading →

Into the Fire Chapter Six

There was no time for thought, just instinct. As lethal energy flooded the air around me, I ducked and dodged, sprinting towards the reckless young minifigure. Whether I was hoping to tackle him, help him fight, or something else, I don’t know. Before I could get to him, something clamped onto my vest from behind,... Continue Reading →

Into the Fire Chapter Five

Groggily, I sat up, yawning in the early light. Morning sun was streaming through the windows of the simple but airy room, and I reluctantly got up off the couch to wander off and find some breakfast. Ordinarily, I’d stay in the Dawn during the layovers between missions, but the Dawn was still in storage... Continue Reading →

The origin of Gai Kiryu: BIOS

Hello. This will be my first time posting here. You may knows me as QX101 on Lego. The following is a backstory for a character included in Brickman6851's "into the fire" story under the name of "Gai Kiryu". Gai was originally the main character in a story that essentially amounted to an ultraman fan fiction... Continue Reading →

Into the Fire Chapter Four

I flicked on the autopilot and leaned back in my rocket’s seat. I pulled out a notebook, which had been keeping Darkflame’s mission assignment safe in my pocket. I started to thumb through the creased pages, still numb from the shock of my newest mission assignment. I hoped this pure Maelstrom source was important as... Continue Reading →

On a Greyhound Bus

...I'm traveling this morning I'm going to Shreveport and on down to New Orleans Been driving these highways, Been doing things my way It's been making me lonesome on'ry and mean I love classic Greyhound buses. Besides their streamlined, Art Deco looks, they're an unmistakable piece of Americana. And they're mentioned in every other folk... Continue Reading →

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